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I'm Mihaela from Romania and for now, I love DBZ and Attack on Titan. I usually reblog funny texts/gifs, cat pics/gifs, Snk stuff , Supernatural stuff and anything that I might find interesting/funny at the moment. I'm a  multishipper (Eruri, Jeanmarco and Reibert- just to be clear and not have any surprises later on).You may also find me on deviantart under the name of LarslovesJames.
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It’s astounding how many artists I see drawing DBZ characters like this. DBZ is a Shōnen anime/manga with a bunch of guys who can bench press galaxies. They are NOT teeny tiny kawaii little twigs cat-fighting each other. 

They have muscles and that’s all there is to it.   

Or everyone can draw their fanart however the hell makes them happy and you can get over yourself

I can see how this can be annoying to some people!

Personally my favorite kind of fanart is the type where artists use their own style! But that’s the point it’s a manner of taste, if you want to draw just like the author, that’s wonderful and if you want to draw in your own style it’s all good too! We are all here to have fun, fanart should be just that, fun! The most important thing is that the artist is enjoying themselves because well it’s fanwork!

Some of the most popular DBZ artists here draw in their own style just like there are those that draw closer to Toriyama’s style and both are perfectly good. 

I think that’s what made dragonballzine such a popular project with amazing success was because the zine aimed at artists getting creative with their favorite show and it’s quite  wild ride looking through the gallery and seeing so many amazing works of art of people who are the majority professionals. 

So please, nobody feel discouraged, draw what you like, however you like, draw what makes you happy and find the style that suits you best or make up your own! ♥

# From a professional point of view tho, I work at an art school, tho I work on another subject there, tho I’m the go to substitute for the art teachers, one of the things I always notice is the teaches discureging the students from copying styles, they always ask the students to try to form their own, which makes perfect sense if you plan to become a professional in this field, copying to learn is good, but staying stuck in someone elses style can be dameging, in the fact that it will later on be very hard to sepparate your newfound style from what you copied, copying is a good starting point, but it should never be your end game, nobody got to where they where imitating what other artists do down to every last detail, and nothing feels more awesome than people liking your art for being yours, people with their own style worked hard for their style, and it’s be kinda crippling to their development to go back to copying, fanart

This was absolutely constructive and encouraging bb ♥ 

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I’m a very nice person, until you insult my otps


*loses a follower*
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yeah ok whatever later nerd

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the drem„„,

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having to use your own art as reference cause you forgot how to draw


having to go back to reread previous chapters of your own story as a reference because you forgot how to write 


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Next week is going to be that time of the month again. The stress, the mood swings, the pain, the desire to choke any little shit that says i’m overreacting about a meaningless thing, the blood, the anger, the sadness, the need to stay in bed all day. Y’all know what i’m talking about.

That time of the month.

When a new chapter of Snk is released.

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which character do you think of when you hear,”a total asshole but very hot as well”

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I may look innocent but goddamn my thoughts are filthier than a whore’s mind

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do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while

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Attack on Titan in 4 words

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when you dream about a fictional character you know youre in too deep

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Science side of tumblr how do I become a jellyfish

Jellyfish have no brains. You’re already pretty close.

Okay WOW

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Levi and his struggles of being short (◡△◡✿)


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I just tried to take a picture with my phone to show my buddy how my cat has become completely enamored with the new mirror on the back of my bedroom door, and instead I seemed to have inadvertently caught a glimpse of his inner demon.

#or his inNER ANGEL 

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